Making a Raw Egg Strawberry Protein Shake

Strawberry Protein Shake

Pro Optimal Strawberry Protein Shake

Luci Lock blends up some raw eggs, raw milk and strawberry protein powder to make a Strawberry Protein Shake. This recipe is quick and easy and can be made right in a measuring cup by using an immersion blender. Yummy!



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  1. good stuff.

  2. curlycarley says:

    “I’m going to use my whizzer-uppery!”

  3. hunthicks says:

    I’ve used raw eggs making a healthier homemade eggnog. Looks like a great shake, I’m really enjoying these videos!

  4. PogoFogo says:

    I must troy a raw egg in my protein shake

  5. MaximusRanter says:

    looks tasty. also, this lady has the most attractive accent.

  6. MaximusRanter says:

    A beautiful woman with a beautiful accent.

  7. anamu7tram says:

    OMG british accent is so cool and hot at the same time lol

  8. MaximusRanter says:

    she is a very beautiful woman. and obviously very smart as well because anyone that would follow Dr. Mercola is using their head.

  9. MichaelWB1983 says:

    Try adding a few strawberries to the chocolate version of whey protein with this recipe.

  10. buybulkwhey says:


  11. WallStreetMogul says:

    you’re adorable 🙂

  12. butterflyknife000000 says:

    i use that thing to make my beans the mixer TIP:get a blender

  13. npalardy says:


  14. CrankPhan says:

    either she is Renée Zellweger or her twin sister.

  15. keezisedge says:

    hehe banawna

  16. trabbie123 says:

    nice and YUMMIE 😀

  17. zerkos174 says:

    haha i agree

  18. thenathanielyes says:

    I love the way she says banana!

  19. guydecervens says:

    That looks really tasty. Not sure about the shake though.

  20. killah666786 says:

    yumy yumy yumy yumy… yumy… and yumy

  21. This is a great product that is more natural than most that I have used in the past. I especially like the fact that it’s from grass fed cows and that it isn’t artificially sweetened. My only ‘beef’ is that it is hard to mix with water I find. That being said, with all the other stuff i put in it, it tastes great. Love the video .. although a bit skittish to try raw eggs! yikes.

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