Making a Simple Margarita Recipe

Just a Simple Margarita Recipe

simple margarita recipeIn this short video, the folks at Good Housekeeping show you how to make a Frozen Margarita in a blender.

There’s nothing fancy in this video — just a great method to use a Simple Margarita Recipe!

Simple Margarita Recipe Fixin’s

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make this Simple Margarita Recipe… just the basics, but are a few items that are either essential or just make it easier!



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  1. IamBratacus says:

    I do so love margritas !!! any Day of the Week

  2. alexztuspok says:

    perfect 4 my date

  3. Yammi!

  4. enamenpo says:

    oh man i need to get a blender asap

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