Making a Simple Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

In this video, Chloe makes a quick and easy Strawberry Fruit Smoothie. Milk, French Vanilla Yogurt and Frozen Strawberries are the only ingredients needed. Under two minutes time from start to finish!


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  1. maylawnknee95 says:


  2. LadyMoon12 says:

    you can make better then THAT! but gj XD

  3. w3stsid3balla10 says:

    thats yogurt?!

  4. BlackIgbo32 says:

    what setting did you bend it on?

  5. Kandiefulz says:

    I have that same blender…and I hate it D<

  6. teh0ldmonster says:

    Milk, apple juice, Grape juice. Grapes, Strawberries, Bananas, And alot of ice. Best smoothie EV3R

  7. SippingOnAspartame says:

    aww..she’s cute! 🙂

  8. Navajustin says:

    lol i have the same blender look at my smooithie video

  9. omg so cute :’)

  10. Gmanmusiclover says:

    milk, orange juice, frozen mango, pinapple, strawberries is the best smoothie ever.

  11. Double0eleven says:

    i will not enjoy my newly made smoothie… dont tell me wat to do

  12. cherries51015 says:

    there are more than one types of ways to make a smoothie

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