Smoothie Comedy TV: Making a Tuna Smoothie!

With everything from a partially eaten tuna sandwich to ice cubes picked up from the floor, Nick shows how to make a good morning smoothie that is good for you and makes you think. And to prove it, he drinks it.

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  1. MechanicV8 says:

    so thirsty

  2. mauricio951 says:

    kool vid…thanxs man!

  3. Got28MilK says:

    ahaha nice hair nick (guess who)!!

  4. racer4pro says:

    thanks dude

  5. racer4pro says:

    this is a okay movie.

  6. MagicxXxMushroom says:

    cool hair dude, thats what i want mine too look like ;P ….oh yeah, nice vid hehe

  7. PianoBoyTJ says:

    tie your hair back if your in a kitchen buddy

  8. poopstainB says:

    aha nice hair nick aha (guess who)!!

  9. indiekidsonly says:

    your hott

  10. tawfigqunsel2 says:

    are you trying to kill somebody
    ps nive vid

  11. daniel32nicolosi says:

    you had me for everything until you threw the tuna in there WOW! thats got to be nasty!!

  12. haha me 2

  13. 1.52 u r going to die

  14. y r there underwear in ur kitchen
    n dats a powerful mixer

  15. madridfamilyrocks says:

    cool vid

  16. cjkarsten47 says:

    i stoped watching after you put the tuna in! sick

  17. MapleStoryHacks666 says:

    that looks good

  18. naruto181800 says:

    what the hell you put tuna and fish wow you gona kill me lol 5 star video for lol

  19. desigurl234 says:

    eww.. tuna .. in a smoothie.. thats .. wierd .. ama try that .. haha

  20. rockinguy1996 says:

    sick!!!! tuna!!!in smoothie!!!! 5 stars!

  21. yeah I definatuly have underware where I make my food every day! just as everyone else does, RIGHT EVERYBODY?!?!

  22. AlkaZoe56 says:


  23. darkace3122 says:

    LMAO fish *put tuna sandwhich into blender* xD

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