Making a White Chocolate Vodka Martini

White Chocolate Vodka Martini

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Learn how to make a White Chocolate Vodka Martini in this instructional video. Using such ingredients as Vanilla Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur and some Half and Half makes a great Vodka Drink! Enjoy!



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  1. SillyRichard says:

    Clear description. Thanks!! will try out one day at home.

  2. alphonsojones says:

    how do u keep your ingredients fresh beside refridgeration ?

  3. For the fruits, you could splash them with club soda 15 min b4 using. If they’re 1 night old you could also “flood” them in club soda for 20 min.
    Keep everything sealed when possible

  4. haymaker81 says:


  5. Ghost0728 says:

    A cup is like…8 ounces…

    That is WAY more than he says O.o

  6. studpolicesexy says:

    luv it!

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