Margarita recipe – How to make a great margarita cocktail

How to make a great margarita cocktail – Margaritas are a party in a cocktail glass, and if you’re mixing the drinks, you’d better know how to make one. Allen Katz takes you on a trip to Margaritaville to make the perfect margarita.

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  1. BioMonKey87 says:

    Yeah just about any drink with patron is good. And just about any drink with expensive alcohol in it is good as well

  2. @janlevibronx

    I agree – what’s with the sugar syrup!? bleeuucchhh … [puke]

  3. ShadowCrashed81 says:

    @BeccaRob93 There is such thing as old ice, brah.

  4. robchillan says:

    Margarita on the rocks???

  5. bennyvega100 says:

    I long for the days when bartenders would make drinks this way.

  6. thansk for making the effort to post such a quick and informative video. appreciate it

  7. Vicbartender1990 says:

    @deathxe5 any real bartender will use a jigger. free pouring is for douchebag bartenders that gauge successes on the amount in their tip jar, not the quality of there drinks.

  8. Vicbartender1990 says:

    @BeccaRob93 he means not the ice from the shaker. Using the ice from the shaker will dilute the cocktail faster since the ice has been broken into smaller pieces.

  9. expensive mix..

  10. andiskomfort says:

    Im gonna spend one day trying out all of the cocktails i can find so taht i can see which one i like the most 🙂

  11. @deathxe5

    Yes, real bartenders use Jiggers. Stop being terrible.

  12. @Paperstar real terrible bartenders use jiggers.

  13. mrperfect809 says:

    @BeccaRob93 yeah FRESH ICED…. not the ice you already had used!

  14. SmileLadie says:

    and what about the glass?

  15. counter91827 says:

    @BeccaRob93 lol, watch the video again. the drink is poured over fresh ice after being chilled during the mix.

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