Meal Replacement Shakes for Losing Weight

“Are Meal Replacement Shakes for Losing Weight?” is a question I’ve seen plenty of times. The answer isn’t a simple one.

Using meal replacement shakes for losing weight is only part of the equation. Without the addition of exercise and proper diet, just drinking a meal replacement shake won’t do anything. They are just another form of calories.

meal replacement shakes for losing weight
I’ve been a big fan of Bill Phillips and his Body-for-LIFE program for a long time. In his book, Bill teaches a method of transformation the involves exercise, diet and using meal replacement shakes for losing weight. Bill has had a lot of success with meal replacement shakes, having developed the Met-Rx, EAS (Myoplex), and now Right Light Shakes.

How Do Meal Replacement Shakes for Losing Weight Work?

As much as most people hope drinking a meal replacement shake will magically reduce your weight, they don’t work that way. They do allow you to quickly make a meal that is portable, tasty, and comes in pre-metered calorie counts. Calories in different brands and formulas can vary greatly, allowing anyone to find a shake that meets their caloric needs.

These shakes help you lose weight by helping you keep track of the calories you are eating. It is far easier to count a 250 calorie meal by drinking a shake than it is by trying to correctly measure the ingredients in a grilled chicken salad to hit that same mark.

Shakes also help you because of their portability. In a hurry? You can grab a pre-made shake, toss it in a small cooler with an ice pack, and hit the road. You can eat it in a car, in a meeting or even at your desk. Best of all, you aren’t going to be grabbing an unhealthy meal at a fast food joint.

While you may want to use meal replacement shakes for losing weight, you shouldn’t replace your entire day’s meals with them. Take your full day’s worth of calories and divide them into 5 or 6 meals. Use shakes for mid-morning, mid-afternoon and evening snacks, filling the main three meals with normal foods in smaller portions.

What are My Favorite Meal Replacement Shakes for Losing Weight?

I have two favorite shakes. For quick, on the run shakes, I absolutely love Myoplex Ready-to-Drink shakes. I’ve only tried Chocolate, but they also make it in Vanilla, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and more.

For a packaged shake, I’m a big fan of MET-Rx Vanilla Shakes. I use these in smoothies, mixed with fruits, and just right out of the packet. Mixed with water, these blend up thick as any shake should be. A few drops of imitation flavorings, such as orange, peppermint, cherry and strawberry, makes your shake taste different every day.


If you’ve been using meal replacement shakes for losing weight, I’d love it if you left a comment below.

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  1. lyrax_gaidin says:

    They can help, but don’t rely on a change in spending habits to keep weight off.

    I find a change in exercise habits is much more effective. Muscle, for example, burns fat even when you’re sleeping, so do a little muscular exercise for your arms, tummy, and legs every day.

    It sounds like you are female, so I will assume this is true. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

    Lots of women try to stay away from muscular exercises, thinking that muscle is just as unsightly as fat. This is only true in extreme cases. It is very easy to add muscle to your forearms, legs, and especially the stomach area without losing anything in terms of good looks.

    As for meal replacements, I like slim-fast. Your mileage may vary.

  2. no, they are not good. nothing you are able to have permanently is worth wasting money on and will not do much good for your body.
    if you want more protein because dont get enough from food get a protein shake and make your own drinks with anything you have in a fridge.

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