Moroccan Dried Fruit Smoothies

Dried Fruit Smoothies

The process of making Moroccan Dried Fruit Smoothies involves many steps more than the traditional fruit smoothie does. From pitting the dried fruit and soaking it, to peeling some of the ingredients. It will pay to watch this video a few times until you understand the process fully.

Avocado & Dried Fruit Smoothies

    dried fruit smoothies

  • 3 c milk
  • 1 avocado
  • 7-8 dates
  • 1/4 c raw almonds
  • 1/4 c raisins
  • 3 Tbsp sugar

Orange & Dried Apricots Smoothie

    dried fruit smoothies

  • 3 cup orange juice
  • 8 oz dried apricots
  • 3 Tbsp sugar

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  1. albstralian says:

    my god that looks great!! especially the orange & apricot one. i’ll definately make it!! thanks a lot alia- you’re the best!

  2. burntmuffinn says:

    Can i blend the smoothies with ice instead of chilling them in the refridgerator? and which smoothie do you prefer, alia?

  3. cookingwithalia says:

    the texture of these smoothies is thick, so the adding ice to it will make them really thick. Just use very cold milk / orange juice and it should be fine.

  4. cookingwithalia says:

    for best results, let the apricots soften in the orange juice for 2 hours in the fridge. so the smoothie is cold and fresh when you blend them.
    hope you like it!

  5. Gaobdgao says:

    your sweet english accent turned me on :D..btw try out with almond milk instead of just milk..extra yummy..

  6. girlandth3city says:

    I don’t like raisins, but I’d love to try that!

  7. kenlil78 says:

    merci pour la recette salam

  8. LadyBlueGreenFairy says:

    Hello Alia!
    Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I love the first one, I already have all the ingredients at home! I’ll use vanilla flavored soy milk for that! Got to love Moroccan food and drinks!!!!!!!!! Oh I also LOVE Moroccan architecture and furniture as well! Jijijijijiji LOL Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  9. ilikethewok says:

    So refreshing!! Thx for the recipe.

  10. TheVittleVlog says:

    Great recipes!!!

  11. wholefoodsrecipes says:

    very interesting; would never have thought to put avacado in. thanks!

  12. Thanks for making the video!!! I’ll have to try making them myself now 🙂

  13. h4ngedm4n says:

    Hey, Alia! I just followed your avocado-date recipe and it tastes great. However, I was curious what kind of dates you used? I used Medjools and felt bad about sticking them in the blender.

  14. the original morocco way its just avocado sucre and milk ,theres no need for other dried fruit ,

  15. Hi Alia, I like the avocado smoothie.. I make it every week, Thank you for ur receipes so easy end simple

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