Peach Coconut Smoothie with Chard

Peach Coconut Smoothie

  • 1 Young Coconut, water & meat
  • 4 Peaches, roughly chopped
  • 1 bunch of Rainbow Chard Leaves, torn into smaller pieces
  • 1/2 jalapeño pepper, chopped

You’ll want a high-powered blender like the VitaMix in order to make this one! Cut open the coconut and pour the water into the blender. Scrape out the meat and add that next. Top with the peaches, chard and Jalapeno. Add some ice, if you desire. Blend until smooth.

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  1. evolvecreatelove says:

    Amazing video Dan. Thank you for the encouraging words and the recipe. I like when you said the more raw foods we eat the faster we heal. Five stars and a favorite!

  2. gourmetveganchef says:

    Thank you and you are wonderful! I share a lot with you and I LOVE CHALLENGES!! I’ll remember to LOVE CHALLENGES AND TRIUMPHES! 😉

  3. JstKicknBack87 says:

    that rainbow stuff good? like what vitamins does it have/

  4. liferegenerator says:

    Vitamin L….Life!

  5. JstKicknBack87 says:

    nice thx man

  6. MissAranka says:

    I think you are super sweet!! Thanks for teaching us.

  7. ManofTruthHealth says:

    Hi Patricia, I noticed your comment here. Hope you are having a great trip now. Don’t you love the health building Spice, health building food combination, health building greens he used? Lovely right. It is obvious from his body composition that he does not eat this way.

  8. mmm… that was awesome. I made it with my first pepper from the garden. Interesting combination. Thanks!

  9. riamarrype says:

    I appreciate your words to all of us. Some of us think we are eating healthy but we are not eating correctly. We are eating foods loaded with chemicals & preservatives. Those foods are making us sick. Your videos are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work. XOXO!

  10. Great message! Thanks for spreading it!

  11. GHarrisonFan says:

    dippin’ into the archives for some reason. They still hold up!

  12. Very informative! Thanks a lot. I’ll follow your valuable advice. GOD BLESS!

  13. muzicluva000 says:

    You are the Raw Food Jesus!
    in my family, you are a household name. and you are literally a life saver. thanks dan

  14. dizyootum says:

    dann i would like to see more videos on fruit smoothies

  15. jabari22 says:

    dude…ur awesome….

  16. BADsinger509 says:

    idk about raw foods but ur delicious…i would eat u up =)

  17. zampakto93 says:

    you dont need a 350$ vitamix a 35$ blender works just fine

  18. K22productions says:

    hey dan…. how much does that make …thx

  19. TheMRamstaff says:

    juice loses alot of fibre man so no fibre in there

  20. jamesbondrocks says:

    tried it in two variations during my break at work (work in a smoothie shop so blendtec’s are in full disposition :D)…
    did 2 small beets (with rainbow chard attached), two peaches, and 1/4th small serrano pepper.
    Color was def a magenta and the pepper was pronounced but not overpowering. Very pleasant taste despite the smell…Had an applesauce consistency, beet overtones.
    Then I just did two large red chard leaves with same everything else. That came out the same color as in the video. Tasty

  21. TheaDragonSpirit says:

    You should watch some of jacque fresco’s videos – you have simler views I think. In some ways.

  22. @zampakto93 Vitamix has horsepower. 35$ blender does not last long.

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