Mmmm Here’s a Quick and Easy Smoothie!

Quick and Easy Smoothie

Quick and Easy Smoothie

This simple smoothie is made with equal parts of pineapple juice, orange juice, yogurt and frozen fruit. Make enough for one or ten!

Watch the video to see the steps for making this quick and easy smoothie. Then pour and enjoy!

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  1. JackWilkins says:

    Yum! I was hoping there’d be a new video soon and there is! As ever – Thankyou!!

  2. bigtonutz says:

    good stuff angie!

  3. courtneyliu says:

    what a gorgeous-looking cup of smoothie…

  4. Weewinkle7 says:

    Love your blender! Go ‘head girl!

  5. xlasvegan7x says:

    Hi Angie, My concoction is 1 frozen banana, 2 cups vanilla soy milk ,a scoop of chocolate whey protein powder and about 1/4 cup of coffee(Hazelnut flavored if you have it)..the coffee part came as a result of having a little left over from filling my thermos and not wanting to waste it…but man does it taste good!

  6. a1angiem says:

    Mmm, that sounds amazing! I LOVE vanilla soy – Silk is my favourite brand. I’ve made iced coffee but never thought of adding it to the smoothie – I will definitely give it a try! TFS!

  7. SophAndHolly says:

    mmm, that looks lovely!
    i have tried making smoothies, but i could taste too much banana, probably because i put far too much in 😛
    lovely video, 🙂

  8. 3xquisit3 says:

    Hi Angie
    You should try putting canned mango juice in the smoothie. It goes along great with the strawberries

  9. a1angiem says:

    An excellent suggestion! I LOVE mangoes…it’s just a pain waiting to get them to the right ripeness when you want to make your smoothie!

  10. EmbrunFalcon91 says:

    Wouldent it taste really good if oyu put ice in there and make it really Slush like too? or would u have to put a a little more of everything to keep the flavor the same

  11. a1angiem says:

    @EmbrunFalcon91 Oh ya, you can totally do that! If I use frozen berries I find it cold enough for me – but with fresh berries I will throw a couple cubes in there. I don’t like it too icy. Whatever you like works well! (Mine turn out differently every time!)

  12. sweetkisses4uonly says:

    @xlasvegan7x but how many calories does it come to..
    what whey do u recommend

  13. xlasvegan7x says:

    @sweetkisses4uonly O cal for the coffee 120 for the average banana 125 for the Optimum nutrtion whey powder(choc) and 200 for the soymilk..approx. 500 cal. Currently my drink is 1 large banana 18 oz of water 2 scoops of whey 25 grams of organic peanut butter and 85 grams of uncooked quick oats. I hate eating oatmeal and the only way is to blend it with my great. Thanks for the inquiry!

  14. Thank you! Quick and sweet!

  15. russianguyovich22 says:

    SMOOTHIES!!! Looks delicious!

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