Raw Cherry-Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

In this video, you’ll witness the preparation of a Raw Cherry-Blueberry Smoothie. Kevin is using one of the best blenders on the market — a Vita-Mix — to make this Raw Smoothie. Thanks to the addition of lemons, greens and other healthy ingredients, you’ll get a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants when you are enjoying this tasty raw smoothie.


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  1. TheFitBastard says:

    Hey kev,

    Great recipe. Cilantro is my fave!

    Microwave as a storage unit? You are serious about your health… holy smokes.

  2. Geez…I guess I have to unplug my microwave too…and I loooove that vitamix…they are the best…

    Gret vid Kev..I’m going to go and get my smoothie on!

  3. edufiredotcom says:

    Good stuff. Would love to make one of these sometime soon!

  4. you can also use the unplugged microwave to store fruits and veggies.. it keeps them fresh much longer.. maybe a week longer..it’s science

  5. You might want to look into updating to the Vita Mix 5200 – not necessarily a new blender, but replace the old container. The newer ones are made from a new safer plastic. If that’s too expensive, use the old container but don’t store your smoothies in it or leave for extended periods. That’s what I’ve read, anyways.

  6. TarotLadyLissa says:

    Could I put my fruit in the green bags THEN in the micro? Would they last even longer? lol

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