Should Smoothie Maker Destroy Itself?

smoothie makerThis Smoothie Maker Will Self-Destruct in 3 Minutes

Should there be the possibility that a blender/smoothie maker might chop it’s own parts to pieces if not properly aligned?

A Smoothie Maker Should Not Self-Destruct

I don’t know of a single quality manufacturer who sells a smoothie maker that might do this.  That’s not to say that you can’t find a cheap plastic one at your local dollar store or something.

There are some things to look for when you are shopping for a smoothie maker though:

  • Look for glass containers rather than plastic — it will last much longer and won’t scratch
  • Look for higher wattage or horsepower (HP) in the motor — they will handle ice and thicker mixes better
  • Look for at least five speeds — preferably more — these handle chopping, blending and pureeing better

If your smoothie maker actually did eat itself up, there could be a few things that caused it.

  • Make sure your base it screwed on tightly, and the rubber gasket it place — if it isn’t, it may not reach the connecting piece on the base
  • Make sure the unit is well seated on the base — a poorly seated blender top can cause the connecting piece to chew itself up
  • Make sure that liquids don’t get into the electrical components in the base — this can cause the motor to short out and quit working

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  1. Totally. I love self-destructing appliances.
    Makes life feel like a spy movie.

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