Should I Drink Protein Shakes While Trying to Lose Weight?

trying to lose weightI’m trying to lose weight.  I want to try to drink protein shakes while I go to the gym to lose weight.  Which one shall I drink?  I live in the UK.

I knew a girl in the gym who used to drink a protein shake within a half hour after working out at the gym.  It was so she does not lose muscle.  Is that true?

Trying to Lose Weight With Protein Shakes

Trying to lose weight isn’t difficult — all you need to do is burn more calories than you take in.  That’s the tough part.

Protein shakes won’t make you lose weight on their own.  Shakes add calories.  They don’t take them away.  So why could it help you?

As I said, trying to lose weight is easy if you burn more calories than you take in.  Muscle burns more calories than fat does.  Protein helps construct muscle, assuming you are exercising well in order to build that muscle.

If you are eating fats and extra carbohydrates and sugars, substituting protein shake calories for some of those ‘bad calories’ will likely help you build muscle (with exercise), and will also aid in weight loss.

So if you are exercising intensely, reducing bad food intake, and adding protein shakes can actually give you better results when you are trying to lose weight.

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  1. Mad Spinach says:

    none, protein shakes will just be extra calories you have to burn off and they are not even useful for building muscle tone as your body cannot absorb that much protein at once any way. Working out alone will be the best way to prevent muscle loss while losing weight.

  2. xXnAcHoXx says:

    There is absolutely nothing good about Protein shakes!! Drink lots of pure clean drinking water

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