Sixty Cent Banana Protein Shake

Banana Protein Shake Ingredients:

  • 1 cup Water
  • 20-30 grams Protein Powder
  • Frozen Banana

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  1. holyman89 says:

    is protein good for a person that is over weight and trying to lose some fat %. by doing cardio and weights

  2. Crafter07 says:

    how many grams of protein should i have per day if i workout 3 times a week?

  3. dudeofpwn says:

    do you mean estrogen?

  4. babyboohtid says:

    150 – 200 grams a day.

  5. jimmyjam9014 says:

    well have u ever had a warm milk shake, if the banana isnt frozen then it will make the shake all nasty and warm.

  6. crowofdeath2 says:

    i like using milk not water

  7. turkishxboi says:

    how does it taste ive tried alot of protein shakes but they taste NASTY!!!

  8. Optimum Nutrition range is great, you’d almost definitely enjoy chocolate!

  9. Creamlistner says:

    Heres the truth. Soy protein contains MORE protein per serving, as well as providing more of the essential nutrients that are bodies require and desire of us. In the long run, for healthy muscle gain, soy is more efficient. My goal, as allot of peoples isn’t to turn into balloon muscles, rather, tone up and get stronger. If this is anyone’s goal, I suggest soy over anything, plus, it tastes SO much better than whey…

  10. thedudejohn says:

    yes, because the more muscle you’re able to build, then the more calories you’ll burn as you work out.

  11. YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hey you can’t blend it for that long, it breaks up the protein too much which then makes it become unusable.

  13. try using milk instead of water. tastes a million times better

  14. AlanAlfredoSauce says:

    Frothy…Hahaha. Yeah I do this but no banana…

  15. danewithers1991 says:

    cool. i will try that some time 🙂 pretty damn loud lol. keep up the greats vids they really help me!!

  16. derbigpr500 says:

    yes but then you get more fat…but i guess it cant be bad since you can always use low-fat milk. Btw, anyone tried this with vanilla taste protein powder?

  17. wow you’re a smart one. the tub of protein powder might cost 40-50 bucks, but it can make at least 70 shakes.

  18. WesMantO0th says:

    that blender pwns

  19. what about any leg workouts?

  20. this guy is great…

  21. Is it okay to mix whey and protein. I have been drinking whey for three years now, but recently i heard that its best to mix since soy has more iron, and more vitamin source, thank you in advance.

  22. intoxekatd says:

    i have that same blender

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