Slushie Express Slushie Maker

Using a Slushie Express

I have to admit that this is a tough video to hear. (Note to self… never play music while you are recording.)

What I do like about this recording is the way it shows how easy it is to make a quick, refreshing, slushie drink in your home using simple equipment.

Watch (and listen), and enjoy.

slushie express

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  1. phillyrocks19123 says:

    nice vid~!

  2. codecaine says:


  3. rainbowmidgetgem says:

    awesome, I want a slushie machine for christmas now 😀

  4. Music is to high

  5. MrLaxdude89 says:

    I need that. Other good slushie machines are 2,000 bucks, but this is like 20-30 bucks. Now Im gettin one without a doubt in my mind.

  6. voos10mvp says:

    thx i had this but i would sped like 30 min on it but now i got it ty

  7. Aviationnation10 says:

    wer did u get it and how much

  8. cpman26 says:

    @Aviationnation10 target $20

  9. cpman26 says:

    i was cdrinking a slushie that i made with one when i was watching this
    mmmmmm grape

  10. andyhiab says:

    what is it actually called,, i really want one

  11. @Aviationnation10 I got mine from amazon

  12. spyrocapture9 says:

    its called slushie express

  13. awesome it really works XD

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