Smoothie Comedy TV: Liquid Nitrogen Margaritas

Jiggs, Tasty and special guest Kendra (and her crotch) make margaritas with liquid nitrogen. And just in case you’re wondering, there is no tequila in the margarita mix… really. Try as I might, I could not find a link to an online liquid nitrogen supplier. You are on your own there.

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  1. keyblade09 says:

    where do you get liquid nitrogen? im gonna do an experiment at school by next week, please someone tell me

  2. keyblade09 says:

    oh yeah, my teacher said that liquid nitrogen is toxic, i dont believe her

  3. 1337cole1337 says:

    thats not liquid nitrogyn ..ITS DRY ICE!!!

  4. fabulouse6 says:

    hahahahah tori wanna be and hahahaha

  5. how retarded are you cole? dry ice can’t be liquid.

  6. facingtheplastic says:

    Oh, is that all?


  7. craigman9 says:

    thay are big NEERDS

  8. Closecallgs says:

    liquid nitrogen will freeze your hands

  9. it’s dry ice just like YOU !!!!!!

  10. killercuy says:

    Great guys… lots of humor, lots of science… I´ll bet you we´re going to be friends sometime…

    but… i´ll make a mojito, instead…

  11. hmm…. revenge of the nerds margarita party

  12. SailorBarsoom says:

    So what you do is you mix it up, liquid nitrogen and all, without the tequila. Then, after you have it all nice and frozen, add tequila.

    The reason why is because if you do it all at once, the alcohol can get so cold that you will still have a velvety margarita, but it will freeze your throat.

  13. bubbie524828 says:

    you are sick you pervert

  14. santa22622 says:

    ill just run to the store and buy some liquid nitrogen…

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