Smoothie Comedy TV: Make a Smoothie with Denice

Is that a hare in my drink??? This little video isn’t quite that bad, but it does make me chuckle. Enjoy this monster of a show!

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  1. mrturtle518 says:

    lol good thing they’re eating smootihes, the one on the left looks kinda chubby

  2. ticitico123 says:

    lol there smexy XD

  3. ticitico123 says:

    yes but i wanna grab the bigger ones nipple :P. -CREEPY STALKER MUSIC PLAYS- TEEHEE!!!!!!!!

  4. ticitico123 says:


  5. darkphantomgrl13 says:


  6. deemy123 says:

    lonely sllepp overs are so much fun

  7. david321654987 says:

    OMG!!!! that was the funniest movie ever alsome !!!!! xD xD xD

  8. yankees1chase says:

    hella gay and u kinda copied my video


  9. mrturtle518 says:

    Erm…How did we copy yours?

  10. mrturtle518 says:

    No, the camera just adds 6778 pounds

  11. jamesjamesjac says:

    @yankees1chase You closed your video, I didn’t. I win.

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