Smoothie Comedy TV: Mango Man and the Smoothie Maker

smoothie maker











Someone went to a lot of trouble to make this, so enjoy it! DID YOU HEAR ME???

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  1. iamcurleyx says:

    Best thing ever seen!

  2. Lozridge says:

    =] matt, didn’t have time to watch the whole of this vid right now, but i saw it when u played it in form ages ago =P it rocked then, and from what i saw of it when i flicked through this vid, it still rocks now! =D

  3. iamcurleyx says:

    thankz loz 4 all of the support! :P, why dont u subscribe n stuff.. and u will get access to all of my new animations…

  4. iamcurleyx says:

    (From MCTVAnimationStudios)

  5. Joaquinpanos says:

    hay algunas partes que estan graciosas, y otras que son pesimas. Great anyway. It was quite fun

  6. MCTVAnimationStudios says:

    las gracias, lo hice envejezco hace, y supongo que es absolutamente bueno supposing soy solamente trece, y lo hice en la MS Paint

    (sorry if my spanish isnt very good!!)

    thanks, i made it ages ago, and i suppose it is quite good supposing i am only thirteen, and i made it on MS Paint

  7. Joaquinpanos says:

    well, it’s very nice. And your spanish quite good! Maybe if you keep on practising you’ll be able to speak much better

  8. MCTVAnimationStudios says:

    well i used a translator just in case you couldn’t understand english…

  9. 😉 hehe =]

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