Smoothie Comedy TV: No Brain Freeze?

Brain Freeze

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The video is grainy, but this guy chugs a slushy in about 15 seconds. He claims he doesn’t get brain freezes, and has also eaten a whole bowl of ice cream in a little over a minute with no brain freeze. Is it possible to chug a slushie in under 15 seconds without getting a brain freeze? You be the judge. The time was 11:14.

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  1. wow i cant believe im related to him

  2. mayokid12 says:

    Coming from one of the “Lunchladies”, did this hurt? Is this what we contribute to? Awesome! Better than the “cookie monster” from years past!!!!!

  3. xWhiteStripe1x says:

    the slushies at mv are totally brain-killing. i never buy them.

  4. Afro7hunda says:

    man this takes skill yu ever try to chug a 1.8L in two chugs it aint easy!

  5. macfilmz says:

    ive dun it wiv coke the drink pepsi and slushys

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