Smoothie Recipe: Orange Crush Coconut

Can you dig it???

2 Thai Young Coconuts (1 young coconut water + 2 young coconut meats)
6 Oranges

1) Open young coconuts to get coconut water out
2) Pour the water from just ONE of the coconuts into your blender
3) Use the water from the remaining coconut in a different recipe
4) Using a melon baller or a spoon, scrape the coconut meat from the insides of both coconuts, and toss them into the blender.
5) Peel the oranges, cut off the tops and bottoms, then slice the peel all around the edges
6) Cut the peeled oranges into quarters and toss them into your blender
7) Blend for a few seconds until desired consistency is reached
8) Pour into glass and enjoy

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  1. joyousabundance says:

    That looks so good. I think I’ll make some today. I can’t get “young thai coconut” in this town, but I will use the coconut I can get. Love ya, Terri

  2. JstKicknBack87 says:

    oh wow man. thats the way i was feeling too. i felt out of it for these past couple of days, but this morning i got my act together and went on a run came back had a smoothie.

  3. BeautifulLivingArt says:

    Another great video Dan!! I totally dig how you were feeling. I’ve been there myself. Taking a hike, getting some space is a great way to deal with all of that. πŸ™‚

  4. flowerrising says:

    Hey man… Think your Empath stuff is opening up….

  5. Thanks Dan. Going through a tough time myself, and just watching you being yourself, and how you deal with it, not letting yourself succumb under pressure and just being very humble helps me a lot. hope i will be humble one day like you are.thanks again. we love ya:)

  6. Sounds good. Think I’ll add some vanilla bean to mine. Thx for sharing.

  7. HeartOfAllThings says:

    Gotta love that warm winter weather … I love it here in Canada but … yano how it is .. cold hands and feet n stuff… I’d love to go out in a sweather for once lol

  8. etherealbylar says:

    I love your excitement
    I’m excited too learning this recipe, wil try it for sure
    Thank you so much

  9. kingskid29223 says:

    Will definitely try this recipe! Looks delicious! Thanks Dan!

  10. followingbreadcrumbs says:

    i’m gonna need to try that one tomorrow! thanks dan!

  11. Dude that sounds de- lishhhhh !!!

  12. kingskid29223 says:

    Great! Will add this to my recipe box πŸ™‚

  13. InnerBeauty2006 says:

    I am going to try this recipe!

  14. FaithSama says:

    Hey Dan, I CAN DIG IT πŸ˜‰ This recipe sounds delicious! Sooo happy I found this page!

  15. dewaynecrawford says:

    I CAN DIG IT :D!!!!!1

  16. curioustwo3 says:

    @liferegenerator Rock and roll dude. Inspire the goodness!!!

  17. rinzainab says:

    Another great video – you should always be yourself, if you aren’t then who are you?

  18. candyuniverse3000 says:

    Does anyone know of any tips on how to keep produce fresher longer?? please reply quickly..thanks!! πŸ˜‰

  19. LordAngus1992 says:

    Looks tasty.

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