Smoothies: Fresh Fruit, Blended in a Cup

Smoothies are a taste treat that young and old can enjoy.  Join me as SmoothieRecipe.TV looks at all the ways you can enjoy the blended ice-cold delight that is a Smoothie.

The Smoothie Diet

A Smoothie Diet is a weight loss plan that uses smoothies as the main source of nutrition during the weight loss phase. In my opinion, though they taste great, smoothies aren’t a balanced source of food for a diet. This is especially true if the diet is one that you intend to follow for any length of time.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy smoothies, nor that you can’t enjoy a low calorie smoothie.  It just means that you shouldn’t go overboard with it.

Weight Loss Smoothies aren’t so much a brand of smoothies as they are a mentality of the way you make them.  Using healthy ingredients, staying away from added sugars, using lower calorie alternatives and watching portion sizes all helps in your endeavors of losing weight.  Diet Smoothies are only a part of losing weight.  As in any weight loss plan, both diet and exercise matter.

Finding a Good Smoothie Blender

One of the biggest secrets to success when it comes to making these taste treats is a quality blender. You’ll be chopping up fresh and frozen fruit, ice, and other tough items. A weak motor, cheap container, or thin blades just won’t cut it for long.

We’ll take a look at the top of the line VitaMix and Blendtec blenders, as well as Juicer machines. We’ll also state our opinion on a special piece of equipment made just for a smoothie — the Smoothie Maker.

Types of Smoothies

There are plenty of variations of smoothies in the world. We’ll try to cover them all on this site.

You can start your day out with a quick Protein Smoothie before your morning workout. Once the workout and shower are done, you can gain some quick energy from the carbohydrates found in a Breakfast Smoothie.

When you are starting to run out of juice in the afternoon, put together some healthy Green Smoothies, made with fruits and vegetables for a boost that will get you back in shape!

Then, for a fun evening snack with the kids, make some Fruit Smoothies. They are fun and flavorful. You’ll find a flavor that every kids loves!

There are sweet, sugary smoothies and there are Healthy Smoothies.

Brands of Smoothies

Whether it’s a Yoplait Smoothie or one made by Jamba Juice, you’ll find our thoughts on them. We’ll even do our best to review the store brands, such as McDonalds, and maybe a Smoothie Mix or two.

Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are very simple to make, but it helps to know some secrets to blending them. There are also some flavors that go together beautifully.

Among a wide array of recipes, we’ll show you how to blend the perfect Tropical Smoothie — a blend of tropical fruits that can really taste amazing! We’ll also show you how to make a Peach Smoothie, no matter whether you use fresh fruit (my favorite) or frozen.

For a special taste treat, you’ve just got to try a Mango Smoothie! The flavor is unique, and the color is just gorgeous. Hmmm… I may have to take a break!

We’ll show you several recipes to make a Banana Smoothie. These are probably the most common smoothie flavor, due to the thickening quality of the bananas.

And of course, for color and taste, it’s hard to beat a Berry Smoothie (strawberry, blackberry or raspberry) or a Blueberry Smoothie. There are a CRAZY amount of vitamins and antioxidants in these Smoothies!

While we’re working on more information on Smoothies, why not read all about a Smoothie Diet.

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