Strawberry Almond Grape Juice Smoothie

Starts with a Grape Juice Smoothie Base

Enjoy a healthy breakfast grape juice smoothie made with fresh strawberries, whole almonds, and grape juice.  A filling way to start your day!

You can use white grape juice when making these with the kiddies, or a darker grape juice when you make them yourself.  Just be careful — dark grape juice, a blender and a lose cover can spell disaster in a pretty white kitchen.

Making a Grape Juice Smoothie

  • 1 cup white grape juice
  • 6-8 frozen strawberries
  • 7-8 whole almonds

Blend together and drink this grape juice smoothie to help keep you feeling full all day long!

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But enjoy this Grape Juice Smoothie first!

Grape Juice Smoothie

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  1. Sounds yummy, Linda. Good job!

  2. DuremProductions says:


  3. endofdays5767 says:

    looks good

  4. slashjr123 says:

    YUM i’m gonna try this.

  5. captainm06 says:

    pretty good, but I tend to shy away from the grape juice high in sugar content, but adding nuts, is a great idea

  6. CullenFanGirl2 says:

    im going to try that it look good

  7. hidearCellofGod says:

    careful with the almonds, u shall only take 1 per every 10 kgs. of ur weight, soak them in hot water so that the skin comes out fast, otherwise the almonds shall be toasted to use them with the skin, the skin is good for women in their period days but toasted, otherwise is baaaad and makes us older!!! Thnx 4 the receipy #I love smoothies fut i needed low fat, cuse I´m in the age that the colesterol does not go out so easily!! love, light and lots of prosperity 4 all!

  8. CantStayAwake says:

    we have those same exact wine glasses……..

  9. This sounds sooo yummy..

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