Super Foods Green Smoothie Costs Only 33¢

3 ‘blue band’ bananas (bananas sold at reduced price as they are “too” ripe)
2 cups Spring Water or Filtered Water
Local Fresh Wild Herbs: Lamb’s Quarters, Plantain, Clover, etc.

1) Add bananas and water to your blender
2) By hand, remove leaves from stems of your wild herbs, add them to your blender
3) Blend until desired consistency is reached.

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  1. jmparrish says:

    You Crack me up with the way you talk!!! lol I would love to be in your head for one day to see what you are thinking 99% of the time.

  2. phatpleasure says:

    how is raw foods internal/eternal foods? what do you mean by that?
    the way I see it is.. good food is good food… and people shoudl eat more good food and in moderation + exercise… why go to the extreme of eating RAW food? comon..

  3. liferegenerator says:

    @phatpleasure to be extremely healthy! 😉

  4. Joshuanorris1980 says:

    what about raw meat? If you’re so into Raw foods, why not chuck a nice raw piece of Salmon or Beef in there?…….your body needs protien and if your lifestyle forces you to do heavy compound movements (like heavy lifting or hard labour), then you need lots of protiens for muscle repair etc. Calcium is also a problem and if you don’t get enough, then your bones will loose strength and you will become a frail old man. What natural raw foods can i substitute for meat/eggs/dairy?

  5. liferegenerator says:

    @Joshuanorris1980 Soaked nuts and seeds are a far superior source of amino acids than the flesh of dead animals! Animal protein actually draws calcium from the bones to buffer the acids, which are by products of animal tissue consumption…So really meat and dairy products are the reason people get weak bones! eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for superior heath…

  6. Joshuanorris1980 says:

    @liferegenerator Thanks for the reply mate. But i still can’t see how you can eat enough of them, unless you snack all day on raw nuts or beans etc. So what about a nice lightly steamed peice of Tuna or Salmon? Or a nice lean peice of Chicken breast? I’ve heard that people on low acid diets can still eat these in moderation because they don’t form acid. Is this true?

  7. @phatpleasure I’m curious why you’d think Raw food is extreme 😉

  8. theusedjosh says:

    great video:) i made a smoothie with bananas, then i picked some dandelion n clovers from my yard:)

  9. Raw cashews taste amazing in smoothies! Herbs, how do they work?!?!

  10. HallowedHoly says:

    @phatpleasure Because these naturally, growing, fluorishing whole foods are there before humans, offered to humans for optimal health & are there when humans are gone…. The only time their amazing nutrition is altered is through human tampering. Otherwise they’re perfect—& always there, grown perfect & complete in Nature. So “eternal”.

  11. KautiousKat says:

    If you really want to save the planet COMPOST YOUR FOOD! Especiallly if you’re a raw fooder… Throwing your food in the trash if not natural!

  12. metalridley388 says:

    Hey i dunno if this is a good smoothie or not.

    i couldnt wait to get some fresh vegetables so i made one out of some banannas and lettuce i found in the fridge. it wasnt iceberg lettuce, dont know what kind. and i used 100% pure water. is this good?

    also, what do you think about eating the vegetables fresh over store bought vegetables?

  13. aliskey62389 says:

    How long would a smoothie like that fill you up for?

  14. I’m into raw food and I love green smoothies – but you don’t need to come across as a “hey dude, I’m so hip baby” kind of guy. I bet this guy scoffs down steak when no-ones looking.

  15. Utillitarian says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flesh of dead animals! I love the taste of cooked food if its seasoned right versus many things raw. BUT, regardless of how much you love meat or cooked food, you can’t deny the great feeling you have when consitently eating fruits and veggies raw! (and seeds/nuts) Go Paleo!
    Anywho, thanks my friend, I will definantely try your awesome smoothie recipe!

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