Should Smoothie Maker Destroy Itself?

smoothie makerThis Smoothie Maker Will Self-Destruct in 3 Minutes

Should there be the possibility that a blender/smoothie maker might chop it’s own parts to pieces if not properly aligned?

A Smoothie Maker Should Not Self-Destruct

I don’t know of a single quality manufacturer who sells a smoothie maker that might do this.  That’s not to say that you can’t find a cheap plastic one at your local dollar store or something.

There are some things to look for when you are shopping for a smoothie maker though:

  • Look for glass containers rather than plastic — it will last much longer and won’t scratch
  • Look for higher wattage or horsepower (HP) in the motor — they will handle ice and thicker mixes better
  • Look for at least five speeds — preferably more — these handle chopping, blending and pureeing better

If your smoothie maker actually did eat itself up, there could be a few things that caused it.

  • Make sure your base it screwed on tightly, and the rubber gasket it place — if it isn’t, it may not reach the connecting piece on the base
  • Make sure the unit is well seated on the base — a poorly seated blender top can cause the connecting piece to chew itself up
  • Make sure that liquids don’t get into the electrical components in the base — this can cause the motor to short out and quit working

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Can I Make My Fruit Smoothie in My Food Processor?

food processorI want to make a smoothie with ice, frozen fruit, and yogurt, but I only have a food processor. Can I do that with a processor, since I don’t have a blender? Or will it not work?

Have You Made a Smoothie in a Food Processor?

Normally, fruit smoothies are made in a blender. I’ve never tried it any other way. If you have used a processor to make a fruit smoothie before, successful or not, I’d love your feedback!

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What is the difference between a smoothie maker & a blender?

smoothie makerWhy Buy a Smoothie Maker?

Couldn’t you just make smoothies the same way in a blender, what’s different about a ‘smoothie maker‘? Thanks!

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What are the essentials for making a great alcoholic frozen drink?

I’m only 16, but i want to get my parents a book filled with frozen drink recipes, and i want to get them a blender and some ingredients too (except beer obviously). But what else should i get them that is unique that ties into this?

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Is a milkshake maker any better than a blender?

milkshake maker

My brother often makes milkshakes using our blender but with his birthday coming up I’ve been wondering about whether to buy him a milkshake maker. Is it worth it?

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Can I use my food processor to make a smoothie?

I used to have a blender to make protein shake but its trash now. Is it ok to use food processor to make a smoothie?

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What stuff do I need in order to make a smoothie?

make a smoothie

I was looking at and they’ve got blenders, then they have actual smoothie makers. Are they the same thing? B/c some of the blenders are cheaper. Also is it simple to make smoothies? what goes into a smoothie, just ice, fruit, sometimes ice cream?

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