Crawgator Like Fat Tuesday?

crawgatorCrawgator Love

A Crawgator is a frozen drink served on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at Fat Tuesday.   I know it has 151 rum, but I’m not sure what else is in a Crawgator.

Anyone have a recipe to copy it?

Crawgator Description

I’ve never been to New Orleans, nor to a Fat Tuesday bar, but I got this description of a Crawgator from the Fat Tuesday website:

Beware of the Crawgator’s bite! It’s made with Tropical Juices and Flavors, Light Rum, Dark Jamaican Rum and Brandy.

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t give away the secret of the proportions or what “Tropical Juices and Flavors” are.  My guess is that it might be the “Classic Tropical Punch” Drink Mix.

The drink selection at Fat Tuesday looks outstanding, especially if you are looking for frozen drinks.  Tons of different flavors and mixes are available at the store and on their site.

I really wish I had more information.  If you do, I’d love it if you could add more in the Crawgator comments section below.

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