A Fruit and Spinach Smoothie for Health!

Enjoy the show as Revvell blends up a Green Smoothie from orange juice, strawberries, bananas and baby spinach. The VitaMix blender makes it easy!

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How to Make Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies

Nili Nathan shows how to make a fruit and vegetable smoothie. This green smoothie recipe includes:

  • 100% coconut water
  • spinach
  • celery
  • carrots
  • apples
  • garlic clove
  • ginger root


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Making a Calcium Rich Green Smoothie

Calcium Rich Green Smoothie

A Calcium Rich Green Smoothie can replace some of your daily requirement of vegetables. Dark green leafy vegetables are full of calcium. This video shows how to blend rice milk, kale, parsley, a carrot and green broccoli into a healthy shake. Toss all the ingredients into your Vita-Mix blender, and turn it into a liquid treat!


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