Tiffany Shows How to Make a Smoothie

how to make a smoothie

Frozen Fruit on Bottom is Tough to Blend

How to Make a Smoothie?

In this video, you can see some problems that you can run into when you don’t know how to make a smoothie. First, Tiffany adds the fruit before adding liquids. This results in the fruit not blending well.

Second, she adds the frozen fruit before the fresh banana. This also results in the smoothie creating a thick slurry at the bottom, which prevents the top ingredients from blending.

Third, she loads way too much fruit in at once. Because of all these problems, only the bottom couple of inches blend properly. In order to get it all blended, she over-blends the shake. This means she needs to refreeze the smoothie to thicken it again.

Unfortunately, Tiffany has a few things to learn about how to make a smoothie.

How to Make a Smoothie Quicker and Better

  1. Start with the liquid. Since the orange juice is already liquid, it doesn’t matter how long it blends.
  2. Add the banana next and blend at slow speed. It will blend well with the OJ to make a liquid base for the smoothie.
  3. Next comes the ice cream, which can be added while the blender is running on slow with the top off.
  4. Finally, put the top on and turn the speed to high. Remove the little cap in the center of the top and add the frozen fruit through it. With the frozen food going in last, it with quickly cool the blend and make the smoothie smooth. No need to refreeze.

With the lessons you learned in this article, you’ll know more about how to make a smoothie than most folks do.

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