What is the best protein shake powder on the market?

best protein shake powder

I have been trying to find the best protein shake that encourages putting on lean muscle and not fat. There is so much choice out there it is hard to know which one is the best. I have done a bit of research and have heard about buying pure protein from a bulk supplier and mixing your own shakes. Is that a good idea?

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Making Muscle Milk Fruit Smoothies

muscle milkMuscle Milk in a Fruit Smoothie?

This gal really seems to like her Muscle Milk, and I have no reason to doubt her honesty. She gives some great insight, as well as some excellent advice.  She likes to add berries and peaches to her smoothies, especially strawberries and frozen berries.

Listen and learn!


Enjoy a Muscle Milk Fruit Smoothie today!

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Homemade Recipe for Meal Replacement Shake

You don’t have to pay for a Meal Replacement Shake. It’s easy to make your own, and you can get better nutrition and save money. Alter the shake to exactly what you want for calories, protein, carbs, and fat.

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