Right Size Smoothie: Diet Smoothie?

Right Size Smoothie and Shaker

A Tub of Right Size Smoothie Mix

Is a Right Size Smoothie Right for You?

Right Size Smoothie advertisements promote it as a Diet Smoothie. But is it the right smoothie for you?

Right Size comes in containers that, when prepared as shown, produce a 100 calorie smoothie. Is that a low-calorie smoothie? Just glancing a some Yoplait Smoothie Packets in my freezer show that they end up at 110 calories per serving (prepared). That means Right Size is 10% less in calories than a Yoplait Smoothie. Not bad!

Right Size Smoothie Advantages

Not only do Right Size Smoothies have less calories than Yoplait, they also have more protein (9g versus 2 g). Protein is an important nutrient for building muscle.

Additionally, although they have less Carbohydrates (11g versus 14g), a Right Size Smoothie has more dietary fiber (3g versus 2g) and less sugar (5g versus 10g) than Yoplait Smoothies do. Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. Fiber is a carbohydrate that helps you feel full and aids in processing waste through your digestive system.

Disadvantages of Right Size Smoothie

There are three main disadvantages a Right Size Smoothie may be considered to have.

  1. A Right Size Smoothie has a bit more fat than Yoplait (2.5g versus 1.5g), yet neither has any saturated fats.
  2. Right Size Smoothies have far more sodium than Yoplait (95mg versus 30mg).
  3. Right Size is made from a powder mix, while Yoplait is made from frozen fresh fruit and yogurt.

Learn more about the Smoothie Diet or Right Size Smoothies.

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Enjoy a Right Size Smoothie Today!

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