Should Smoothie Maker Destroy Itself?

smoothie makerThis Smoothie Maker Will Self-Destruct in 3 Minutes

Should there be the possibility that a blender/smoothie maker might chop it’s own parts to pieces if not properly aligned?

A Smoothie Maker Should Not Self-Destruct

I don’t know of a single quality manufacturer who sells a smoothie maker that might do this.  That’s not to say that you can’t find a cheap plastic one at your local dollar store or something.

There are some things to look for when you are shopping for a smoothie maker though:

  • Look for glass containers rather than plastic — it will last much longer and won’t scratch
  • Look for higher wattage or horsepower (HP) in the motor — they will handle ice and thicker mixes better
  • Look for at least five speeds — preferably more — these handle chopping, blending and pureeing better

If your smoothie maker actually did eat itself up, there could be a few things that caused it.

  • Make sure your base it screwed on tightly, and the rubber gasket it place — if it isn’t, it may not reach the connecting piece on the base
  • Make sure the unit is well seated on the base — a poorly seated blender top can cause the connecting piece to chew itself up
  • Make sure that liquids don’t get into the electrical components in the base — this can cause the motor to short out and quit working

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Smoothie Maker versus Food Processor?

smoothie maker

Can a Smoothie Maker Work as a Food Processor?

We have a Back to Basics Smoothie Elite smoothie maker sitting in the back of a cupboard unused. I never make smoothies, but I’m about fed up with my ancient blender and was wondering if the smoothie maker would work for processing food?

It’s supposed to be able to crush ice, so presumably it’s pretty heavy duty.

Will this smoothie maker process food?

Smoothie Maker Won’t Work

There are several reasons why this won’t work well for you:

  • The base of a smoothie machine is too small, so food will not drop to the blades well
  • A food processor doesn’t liquefy foods, but a smoothie machine does
  • There is a spout on a smoothie machine that will clog with food

Even though the two machines seem like they could perform similar tasks, they are too different from each other to work interchangeably.  That doesn’t mean you can never substitute the Smoothie Elite.  For example, chopping chives or other small herbs would likely work well in either.

Part of the reason for thinking the Back to Basics machine might work is the ice example.  But ice should only be added to a blender one cube at a time, and after a liquid base has been blended.  Filling a smoothie maker with ice and trying to blend it won’t work well.

So, unfortunately, it looks like you need to replace that food processor.

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Can I Make My Fruit Smoothie in My Food Processor?

food processorI want to make a smoothie with ice, frozen fruit, and yogurt, but I only have a food processor. Can I do that with a processor, since I don’t have a blender? Or will it not work?

Have You Made a Smoothie in a Food Processor?

Normally, fruit smoothies are made in a blender. I’ve never tried it any other way. If you have used a processor to make a fruit smoothie before, successful or not, I’d love your feedback!

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What is the difference between a smoothie maker & a blender?

smoothie makerWhy Buy a Smoothie Maker?

Couldn’t you just make smoothies the same way in a blender, what’s different about a ‘smoothie maker‘? Thanks!

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What is the difference between a juicer and a smoothie maker?

I’ve just been given a kenwood smoothie junior maker for my birthday and I’ve been making smoothies without any problems, but now I want to try making some juices.

In particular, I want to make carrot juice, but I’m worried that my smoothie maker won’t be able to process the carrots. (ie too fragile or not enough power) so, is there any difference between a smoothie maker and a juicer?

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What are the differences between a Blender and a Smoothie Maker?

Currently I have a regular blender, a dry spice grinder and a hand blender….

Do I really need a smoothie maker?

I plan to blend some serious smoothies….should I go for it?

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What stuff do I need in order to make a smoothie?

make a smoothie

I was looking at and they’ve got blenders, then they have actual smoothie makers. Are they the same thing? B/c some of the blenders are cheaper. Also is it simple to make smoothies? what goes into a smoothie, just ice, fruit, sometimes ice cream?

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How do I make an ice cream malt using a smoothie maker?

what are some easy step by step instructions on how to make a chocolate and vanilla icecream malt using a smoothie maker

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Kenwood Smoothie Maker Video

Whatever your need, we are sure you will find just the right solution for your everyday cooking and food preparation from our range of kitchen machines, food mixers, food processors, blenders, smoothie makers, ice cream makers, juicers, bread makers, kettles, coffee machines, toasters, deep fryers, food steamers and kitchen scales.

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Making a High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie

peach fruit smoothieHigh Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie

Here’s a great way to enjoy the taste of a peach fruit smoothie while adding the benefits of a protein shake.

Starting with the goodness of skim milk, peach slices and frozen strawberries makes this a healthy smoothie, chock full of vitamins and fiber. A packet of single-serving fruit powder adds flavor and sweetness to the strawberry peach fruit smoothie without adding calories. Top it off with some EAS 100% Vanilla Whey Protein Powder to make this a post workout shake.

But one of the best portions of this video is the use of a true Smoothie Maker instead of a blender. With a Smoothie Maker, the smoothie is poured into a cup using the power of the blades. The bottom-fed spout ensures you get more of your smoothie into your cup, reducing waste. This video shows this better than an other I’ve seen.

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Enjoy a High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie today!

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