Making a Yummy Berry Smoothie in Two Minutes

Quickie Single-Serving Berry Smoothie

In this short video, the presenter makes a Berry Smoothie in a single-serving blender. With the simple berry smoothie recipe he follows, you start with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream.

But There Must be Berries in a Berry Smoothie!

And, of course, this is no exception. Ripe, fresh, yummy looking fruit gets added. Fresh strawberries, cut in half. Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries top it off.

Now, add some milk and an ice cube or two.

Berry Smoothie

Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream

A Single-Serve Blender is Perfect for This Berry Smoothie

It is hard to make a one-serving berry smoothie in a large blender. Too much stuff sticks to the sides, meaning you get less smoothie for the buck. A small blender like the one shown will work well in this case.

One great thing about a small berry smoothie like this one is that the fruit isn’t frozen, and the main thickener is ice cream instead of ice. Both the soft fruit and the soft ice cream allow a small blender to do a good job. If more ice were used, the machine would probably be too weak to chop it and blend it well.

If you like this one, you’ll love our other Berry Smoothie Recipes!

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Fat Loss Strawberry Smoothies

Fat Loss Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1/2 c fat-free yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 c. low-fat milk
  • 2 tbsp flax seed
  • 1 scoop Strawberry Whey Powder
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries

fat loss

Not only delicious, but a great fat loss aid too!

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Making Muscle Milk Fruit Smoothies

muscle milkMuscle Milk in a Fruit Smoothie?

This gal really seems to like her Muscle Milk, and I have no reason to doubt her honesty. She gives some great insight, as well as some excellent advice.  She likes to add berries and peaches to her smoothies, especially strawberries and frozen berries.

Listen and learn!


Enjoy a Muscle Milk Fruit Smoothie today!

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Flax Meal and a Detox Smoothie

Detox Smoothie Ingredients:

  • Pears
  • Lemons
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Stevia

detox smoothie

Feel better with this Detox Smoothie!

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Fruit Smoothie with Protein for a Healthy Morning

Protein Fruit Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1 6” Banana
  • 1 Medium Peach
  • 2 Strawberries
  • 3/4 Cup Skim Milk
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Muscle Milk

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Making a High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie

peach fruit smoothieHigh Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie

Here’s a great way to enjoy the taste of a peach fruit smoothie while adding the benefits of a protein shake.

Starting with the goodness of skim milk, peach slices and frozen strawberries makes this a healthy smoothie, chock full of vitamins and fiber. A packet of single-serving fruit powder adds flavor and sweetness to the strawberry peach fruit smoothie without adding calories. Top it off with some EAS 100% Vanilla Whey Protein Powder to make this a post workout shake.

But one of the best portions of this video is the use of a true Smoothie Maker instead of a blender. With a Smoothie Maker, the smoothie is poured into a cup using the power of the blades. The bottom-fed spout ensures you get more of your smoothie into your cup, reducing waste. This video shows this better than an other I’ve seen.

High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie Products


Enjoy a High Protein Strawberry Peach Fruit Smoothie today!

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Making Vegetable & Fruit Smoothies

fruit smoothiesVegetable and Fruit Smoothies can add healthy nutritional components to your families’ diet.  Nili Nathan shows how to combine the flavors and goodness of fruits with the health properties of vegetables such as kale, celery and carrots.

When serving these vegetable and fruit smoothies to kids, she recommends placing the smoothie in a darker cup with a cover and straw. This keeps the young ones from thinking it’s good for them, and just realizing it’s good, instead.



Fruit Smoothies

Recommended Blender for Making Vegetable and Fruit Smoothies

Of course, Nili always uses a VitaMix blender. She claims that this blender will allow the use of whole foods, such as as entire apples, celery stalks and carrots. With it’s high speeds, sharp blades and powerful motor, the VitaMix is able to process these and other tough foods.


Enjoy some Fruit Smoothies today!

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How NOT to Make a Smoothie

Is This How You Make a Smoothie?

make a smoothieNancy knows how to make a smoothie in all the wrong ways — at least as far as I’m concerned.

First, she starts with WAY too much liquid, and she uses water to boot.

Second, and speaking of boots, I’m surprised she didn’t add one of them too! She jumps from one ingredient to another. If her cat, Nipsy, is missing, I’d check the smoothie first.

Third, she is using all room temperature ingredients. No ice. No frozen fruit. Nothing to act as a solidifier.

Finally, she throws those damn dates in there! Who wants to drink a smoothie that looks like it’s full of barks chips? UGLY!

Don’t be a Nancy — do it right!

Buy a blender that has enough power to grind this stuff up, and make a smoothie the right way.

Make a Smoothie Right with These Blenders


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Making a Desert Smoothie With Three Ingredients

Desert Smoothie, Not Dessert Smoothie

desert smoothieA Desert Smoothie is made from the natural products of the desert. In this video, the smoothie is made from Aloe Vera leaves, Prickly Pear Cactus and Agave Nectar.

Be sure to burn the spines off the cactus, and slice the spines off the sides of the Aloe Vera leaf before you proceed.

With nothing but these three natural ingredients, you can create a smoothie that is both tasty and colorful.

If the seeds bother you, blend well with a high-speed blender such as the VitaMix found below or filter out the seeds when pouring your desert smoothie.

Your Desert Smoothie Blender


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Green Kale and Berry Smoothie

In this video, Robyn shows you how to put together a large batch of super-healthy Green Kale and Berry Smoothies. In under 5 minutes, she prepares enough to feed her family all the greens they need for the day.

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