What is the difference between a juicer and a smoothie maker?

I’ve just been given a kenwood smoothie junior maker for my birthday and I’ve been making smoothies without any problems, but now I want to try making some juices.

In particular, I want to make carrot juice, but I’m worried that my smoothie maker won’t be able to process the carrots. (ie too fragile or not enough power) so, is there any difference between a smoothie maker and a juicer?

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What are the differences between a Blender and a Smoothie Maker?

Currently I have a regular blender, a dry spice grinder and a hand blender….

Do I really need a smoothie maker?

I plan to blend some serious smoothies….should I go for it?

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Fruit Juice Smoothie Require a Juicer?

fruit juice smoothieDo You Need a Juicer to Make a Fruit Juice Smoothie?

I want to get in the habit of making my own fruit juice smoothie at home but I don’t have a juicer nor do I know anything about purchasing one.   Is there any way to make a fruit juice smoothie without a juicer?

A Fruit Juice Smoothie Doesn’t Need a Juicer

The answer to this one is simple.  No.

You can use a juicer to make juice, especially specialty juices.  Think things like carrot juice, beet juice, cabbage juice, etc.  Juicers do a great job of extracting the juice from what might otherwise be considered “non-juicy” vegetables.

But if you are looking to make a Fruit Juice Smoothie, all you need is:

  • Fruit juice — you can use canned, frozen, or fresh squeezed
  • A base — normally ice cream, yogurt, frozen bananas, or frozen yogurt
  • Ice cubes — alternatively, you could freeze the fruit juice into cubes

Blend the ingredients in a blender, and you should be good to go!

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How do I make a good fruit smoothie, similar to Jamba Juice?

I like Jamba Juice smoothies, but they’re not worth spending on.

How do they make their typical smoothies and what’s a good recipe to make a quality fruit smoothie for breakfast?

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Can I make a smoothie with only frozen strawberries & skim milk?

I am looking for some healthy and quick, as well as easy ways to make smoothies for breakfast. Can I make them with just frozen fruits and skim milk, or do I have to add ice, yogurt and/or other ingredients? Thanks

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What is a good and inexpensive no-alcohol fruit smoothie recipe?

I had a 4 fruit smoothie from java city the other day and it was exceptionally good. This got me thinking that it would probably be pretty easy to make my own smoothies but I don’t have fresh fruit in my apartment! I don’t want alcoholic smoothies which is what keeps coming up when I search! So what is a good smoothie recipe that isn’t to expensive?

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Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie

Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie


15 Frozen Strawberries
1 Banana
200 ml (about 3/4 cup) Milk
200 ml (about 3/4 cup) Vanilla Ice Cream

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy your Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie!

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How to Make Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies

Nili Nathan shows how to make a fruit and vegetable smoothie. This green smoothie recipe includes:

  • 100% coconut water
  • spinach
  • celery
  • carrots
  • apples
  • garlic clove
  • ginger root


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Making a Vegetable & Fruit Smoothie

If green shakes and a healthy lifestyle are your thing, you’ll like the recipe in this video. Learn how to make a cashew and pumpkin seed veggie smoothie recipe that is healthy and tastes great in this free nutritional video on making healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies. Expert: Nili Nathan Contact: earth911.org

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