Making Vegetable & Fruit Smoothies

fruit smoothiesVegetable and Fruit Smoothies can add healthy nutritional components to your families’ diet.  Nili Nathan shows how to combine the flavors and goodness of fruits with the health properties of vegetables such as kale, celery and carrots.

When serving these vegetable and fruit smoothies to kids, she recommends placing the smoothie in a darker cup with a cover and straw. This keeps the young ones from thinking it’s good for them, and just realizing it’s good, instead.



Fruit Smoothies

Recommended Blender for Making Vegetable and Fruit Smoothies

Of course, Nili always uses a VitaMix blender. She claims that this blender will allow the use of whole foods, such as as entire apples, celery stalks and carrots. With it’s high speeds, sharp blades and powerful motor, the VitaMix is able to process these and other tough foods.


Enjoy some Fruit Smoothies today!

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