How to Make Virgin Margaritas

Virgin Margaritas: All the Taste – None of the Headache

Virgin MargaritasMany people have asked, “What do you replace the tequila with in virgin margaritas?” The answer is pretty simple… nothing.

Virgin Margaritas, like other virgin drinks, are simply the alcoholic drink made without the alcohol. The taste is very similar to the alcohol based drink, unless you were using a flavored alcohol (such as a flavored vodka).

Why would anyone want to drink Virgin Margaritas? They make great party drinks for the kids (see video below), for pregnant moms or even for people who want to blend in with a drinking crowd, but not suffer the aftereffects.

Oster 12-Speed BlenderTo make a Virgin Margarita, you’ll need a good blender. I own, and recommend, the Oster 12-Speed Blender. This blender features an all metal drive, which means it will last a long time. I just bought this one to replace an Oster that I purchased 20+ years ago.

The Oster 12-Speed also comes with a glass jar. Many inexpensive blenders use plastic jars instead. Those can scratch, discolor, and even absorb flavors. Glass is definitely the way to go!

One final feature of this blender is the 12-speed function. This allows for everything from slower chopping to high-speed liquifying. The blender also features a ‘pulse’ blend button – and I use that all the time. The top of the blender has a removable center to allow ice to be added without ‘decorating’ the ceiling.

Overall, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. For a price of around $50, it is a real deal. (It comes in a variety of colors, too.)

Virgin Margaritas: Kids Style

Here’s a great video showing three young ladies making some Virgin Margaritas. You have to love that Margarita Spirit!

Virgin Margaritas and Holiday Punch

In this video, you’ll learn how to make two virgin drinks. First, an easy Virgin Margarita. Next, a simple Virgin Holiday Punch.

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