The Eyes Have It! Carrot Smoothie For Eyesight Aid

Carrot Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1 cup carrot juice
  • 1/2 cup water
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • 1 tbsp Spirulina

carrot smoothie

Enjoy a Carrot Smoothie today!

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  1. Alan008899 says:

    Funny i really don’t think you can make smoothie..

  2. KSorrenti says:

    I’m a certified ophthalmic technician. Needing glasses does not mean you don’t have healthy eyes. The shape of your eyes determines a glasses Rx. If the eye is too long the person will be near sighted, if the eye is too short the person will be far sighted. The shape and thickness of the cornea also determines a person’s focus ability. No exercises help this. Near vision problems start around age 40-45 because of natural lens hardening.

  3. Terri3210 says:

    Carrot juice is excellent to fight against natural lens hardening. start early like in your twenties and stick with it.

  4. MrsCamiB says:


  5. myway479 says:

    eye excercises can help as can nutrition. EFT also has been very successful for many. My husband did it and no longer needs glasses. NO SUCH THING AS INCURABLE

  6. fishandfestival says:

    I like the vibe between these two…They’re very entertaining and easy to watch…It must be cool to drive all over the country in an RV…I’ve learnt a lot from you guys…Thanks!!!

  7. gettinghealthygirl says:

    my boyfriend was born with glaucoma, do you think this would help him? Do you know any addtional natural health stuff that would? and where do you get that ‘juicing’ bag?

  8. the best is to not use blenders at all. instead, use a juicer, but they are more expensive. It’s a great invesment though because you will be retaining a lot more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, oxygen, and hormones with a juicer. And, you never ever want to add water or any liquids to your drinks…never. Unfortunetly, with the blender they are using, and the water they mixed into the drink they are hardly getting anything out it, except wasting a lot of money on food.

  9. truthwillprovail says:

    leafy greens heal things*

    sugars and fats run the body*

  10. gojiberries1 says:

    I was just speaking to a non-commerical nutritionist while standing in the natural foods store. They were saying how juice is not healthy for you. We need fiber. I agree with her. Cooking carrots and tomato brings out more of the nutrients. I eat tons of raw food and I also believe in other beliefs that warm or hot food can be healthy for other reason at times. I believe in eating mostly live raw foods though.
    Blueberries are one.

  11. Rachna888 says:

    not rude at all 🙂

  12. dancinghelianthus says:

    bilberry powder is also known to improve night vision. Also dandelion root. calendula flower wild ALL ARE WILD MADE BY MOTHER NATURE AND CONTAIN MORE THEN THE MAN MADE CARROT WHOSE WILD SISTER IS QUEEN ANN’S LACE

  13. Tashimotosan says:

    Love your in energy, intelligence and the fact that you often show that you have done the hard slogging work/ research/investigation to provide genuinely useful, helpful information. You guys rock!

  14. honeythief98 says:

    good stuf dude y dudette

  15. janstubemusic says:

    zz top wrote that song… you guys are great !

  16. Tikmondo says:

    eye is an extension of the brain and not so much a distinct optic apparatus. Though good nutrition is important for the health of your eyes, i think managing and using our mind correctly is WAY more important to our vision.

  17. MarvsTracks says:

    So how are you guys getting power?

  18. LauraBeachnut says:

    Glasses DOES NOT mean you are healthy or unhealhy. Thats like saying, since someone is born blind then they may never be healthy, PLEASE!!!!!

    Sometimes the retina gross faster than the rest of the eye and sometimes it may be a small retina which actually determins if you are near r far sighted. It all depends on how direct the light lands on the retina.

    Short sightedness can be cured instantly with LASiK, but I know that whoever made that smart-ass comment will say it’s “cheating”.

  19. Widershins Blue berrys

  20. OMG thank you so much for this video on the smoothie and the info on that website!!! I so needed it!

  21. moonprincess3331 says:

    Swiss chard is great for the eyes; it has lutein and zeaxanthin. Way more than even carrots have!

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