The Life of Jeromeo, The Master Smoothie Maker

Master Smoothie Maker

master smoothie makerJeromeo has a Hawaiian smoothie named after him. He details the ups and downs of his smoothie making jobs and states that he likes to make the “sexy types of drinks”.  Check him in action.

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  1. flyingsolo7 says:

    i freaking loooovee freshens!!

  2. theadamshow100 says:

    omg freshens are the best smoothies ever!!!!

  3. i am not sure about that smoothie. I like the kind that you can drink…

  4. docterdoodle says:

    why am i watching this? i dont remember, looks delicious anyway

  5. mexicanfrusciante says:

    what kind of blender is that?

  6. iwillavengeyou says:

    will it blend?
    yes, yes, it will.

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