Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

Post Workout Smoothie Recipe Tests Math Skills

post workout smoothie recipe

30 Calorie Post Workout Smoothie Recipe?

How many calories do you think there are in this Post Workout Smoothie Recipe? Katrina claims there are 30 calories. Not so likely.

But that’s not so bad. She’s easy on the eyes, and definitely looks like she knows a thing or two about diet and exercise. She’s just not so good at math.

Actually, I think Katrina just misspoke at one point in the video.  She claimed there were 30 calories in the protein powder.  Later, she stated that there were 30 grams of protein powder in the post workout smoothie recipe.

Protein weighs in at 4 calories per gram, so that’s closer to 120 calories for the protein alone.

Her production crew must have picked up on the 30 calories comment, and added it to the captions in the video.  Her bad for not checking on that.

So, about how many calories are there in this post workout smoothie recipe?

  • Protein Powder — 120
  • 2 Cup Fruit — 260
  • 1/2 Cup Yogurt — 120
  • 1 Cup Milk — 240

Total calories is about 500 if using water — 740 if using whole milk.

Post Workout Smoothie Recipe Ingredients

2 c. mixed berries and strawberries – frozen
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 c. water or milk

Place all in a blender and blend on high until smooth.

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  1. Come my man Katrina??? Sink water?

  2. How is this 30 calories? One scoop of that protein is at least 120 calories, the fruit right there I’d bet is about 50 atl east, a cup of the yogurt is probably at least 100.

  3. elitecssplayer says:

    @TheZav88 yeahm theat doesn’t make sense.

  4. @TheZav88 she meant grams

  5. PatrickkkSTAR says:

    that looks really good

  6. @runnenback i know you posted this comment a year ago but had a question anyway

    do you HAVE to have a post workout meal or smoothie?

    what if you dont what will happen i normally dont eat before or after i work out until i get really hungry

  7. mycamprockfan says:

    yummy smoothie

  8. andrews23451 says:

    never tried stonyfield’s yogurt…is it like Fage greek yogurt 0% which is good-i like it

  9. squidinkUK says:

    Hmmm 30 calories?… I think not!
    Guessing maths is not a strong point.

  10. reptilianskin says:

    Beautiful girl. Great body too. She must be a very successful personal trainer because from the look of her, she walks the walk in addition to talking the talk. Too many times I see personal trainers that look out of shape trying to teach people how to get in shape.

  11. Katrina I’ll hook u up with some protein!!!

  12. I just made my first smoothie. I could just taste the health!

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