Video Shows How To Make a 1500 Calorie Protein Shake

Protein ShakeHere’s a weight gainer protein shake. 1,500 calories is a pretty big caloric intake. For folks who workout hard, these calories help replenish those that the exercise burn up, and help force protein into the muscle.

Carbo Gain

Carbo Gain

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  1. 23rdMarineCommandos says:

    @crosse69 Running for 2 hours intensely burns like 2400 calories for me, shut up and stop posting your ignorant garbage on the internet. Look at the biggest bodybuilders in the world, Schwarzenegger had to eat 5000 calories per day just to maintain his weight. Sure they are/ were on steroids, but it’s not as if the avergae guy is going to eat g000 calories per day and expect not to get fat.

  2. majorballer says:

    that must fill you right up

  3. DSAoftheSS says:

    Somebody is learning from Michael Phelps too much.

  4. 1527384625 says:

    @23rdMarineCommandos beside the point but Schwarzenegger became famous because he was one of the few natural body builders of his time, that and he was huge. haha, you really burn 2400 calories on a run, how can you tell?

  5. MDGEIST1314 says:

    hi could you use say strawberry flavor protein powder instead of chocolate flavor protein powder ?

  6. christianaso90 says:

    Actually, this shake is not bad at all…i mean, peanut butter is rich in insaturated and polyinsaturated fats, that are good for your body (in moderated concentrations and just for the peanuts,), is good in protein and actually is full of carbs, because the banana and the carb suplement…i hope you do a lot of exercise, ’cause if you don’t, you will get a huge belly…i recomend to low the peanut butter quantity, it’s ok that you’re skinny, but don’t exagerate…

  7. Slimdagremlin says:

    eeeew why is your peanutbutter like that?

  8. MickieDsNuts says:

    thats only about 500 calories…where did u get 1500 from ???

  9. IntrojuiceAnarchy says:

    Peanut butter is estrogenic, for losing fat or gaining muscle that is not what you want to be eating

  10. The banana! The atheist’s nightmare! :-O

  11. shadowhawk72 says:

    would that much protein really help build strong muscle?

  12. fossilbox1991 says:

    not even close to 1500 calories…

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