What are the essentials for making a great alcoholic frozen drink?

I’m only 16, but i want to get my parents a book filled with frozen drink recipes, and i want to get them a blender and some ingredients too (except beer obviously). But what else should i get them that is unique that ties into this?

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  1. There are a variety of books out there, but one of the best is an older book — Frozen Drinks: With or Without the Buzz, by Bruce Weinstein.

    If you are hunting for a blender for making a frozen drink, here are some of the qualities you should look for:

    1) High and low speeds
    2) Glass container, at least 27 ounces
    3) A pulse option that helps with crushing ice
    4) 500 watts of power or more

    Since you can’t buy the frozen drink alcohol for your parents, you can do the next best thing. Buy them all the fixings! Here is a short list of things you can find to make a frozen drink:

    1) Frozen drink glasses — these come with long stems to keep your warm hands away from the cold drink
    2) Drink mixes — these can be found in grocery stores and consist of sour mixes, Margarita mixes, etc.
    3) Ice buckets — these are insulated and are made for storing ice at the drink station
    4) Drink utensils — long-handled spoons, strainers, shakers and lemon juicers are some examples

    Another thing you might consider is a bartending kit. Just type “bartending kit” into eBay or Amazon, and you’ll see what’s available.

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