What Goes With Vodka Other Than OJ Or Cranberry?

what goes with vodka

I have always drank vodka and orange juice and sometimes vodka, orange juice and cranberry juice.
I still enjoy these but i am looking for a change or maybe another drink to enjoy.

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  1. I’m a vodka fan myself. i love dirty shirleys! They are a shirly temple with Vodka. so it’s grenadine, sprite/ginerale, and vodka. So yummy.Vodka and club soda with a little lime SQUEEZED in is delicious too = ]. Also try a flavored vodka. UV s cheap or you can go with a flavored smirnoff. I have notice that any vodka drink with a splash of sprite or a squeeze of fresh lime is a crowd pleaser.

  2. happybidz2003 says:

    Any juice is good with vodka. Or try one of the flavored vodkas and Sprite,

  3. white russian, look it up

  4. Bloody Mary?

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