What is the best bottled margarita on the market?

bottled margarita

I love Mike’s hard Margaritas as well as authentic margaritas BUT seeing as I am a college student it is much more convenient to drink in my dorm most of the time.

Who makes good bottled margaritas?

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  1. None of them are worth a damn. A good margarita is made with fresh lime juice. You can not bottle something and keep it fresh. Like most good foods it does not taste good unless you put some effort into it.

  2. just make your own, it’s so easy and they taste so much better, i fail to see the inconvenience of making your own in your room., in fact you’ll have way less bottles to have to throw out.

  3. that’s like asking which kind of hepatitis i like the best. Lady, Making margaritas is hardly rocket science, even if you’re in a dorm room. I recommend doing so.

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