What is the difference between a smoothie maker & a blender?

smoothie makerWhy Buy a Smoothie Maker?

Couldn’t you just make smoothies the same way in a blender, what’s different about a ‘smoothie maker‘? Thanks!

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  1. Some_Guy_in_Ithaca_NY says:

    The blender will do the job as long as the ice isn’t too big and you add it in slowly.

    The smoothy makers have a device to push the ice down onto the blades and usually a spigot at the bottom. If you have a blender, I wouldn’t bother buying the smoothie maker.

  2. nothing really… a blender is cheaper just use small ice cubes.

  3. The smoothie makers usually have the spigot to pour your fruit froth into your glass. Also, they come in different sizes unlike a blender that comes in a general standard size.

    A blender is your best bet if you are in the market for one. They can do so many more things. I am even juicing in my blender right now.

  4. 1. Marketing.
    2. Some smoothie makers have a useless spigot on the pitcher that is somewhat difficult to clean and always leaks after a few washings.
    3. $50.

  5. smoothie maker is used to make smoothies only, and the smoothness is soft and nice, where as blender is to blend not used to blend smoothies cause the texture come out will be not as smooth as smoothies.

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