What is your favorite tequila to make margaritas with?

What is the best tequila to make margaritas with?

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  1. whiskeyman510 says:

    The short answer is: any 100% agave blanco or reposado tequila, such as:

    Don Julio
    Pura Sangre
    Cabo Wabo
    Dos Lunas

    The long answer is:

    As you’ll all see from the other answers, the word "best" is quite subjective. It’s also based on experience with tequila too, as anyone who knows anything about tequila in any real way would not say Cuervo, unless they were referencing their Tradicional or Reserva de la Familia, which are the only 2 Cuervo-labeled tequilas they make that are any good.

    Patron too, while good, is often mentioned because they spend more marketing dollars than any other tequila company, and thus when college kids are ready to move up from Cuervo, they often go to Patron as they see it advertised so much, and their exploration stops there. Make no mistake, Patron isn’t bad by any means. But you can get better for less.

    To get the correct tequila experience, don’t drink anything that doesn’t say 100% agave (like junk like regular Cuervo or Sauza). These are cheap poorly made tequilas designed to sell to college kids to get drunk. They are only 51% real tequila, and the rest are fillers like corn syrup and grain alcohol (and thus the hangover the next day is born).

    Assuming you get a good tequila, don’t junk it up with commercial margarita mixes either. Those are mainly corn syrup and green food coloring and artificial lime juice flavor. They will ruin a good tequila.

    I recommend the following for a margarita:

    2 oz tequila
    juice of 1 lime, freshly squeezed
    1-2 tablespoons of agave nectar or bar syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)
    2-4 TBS water depending on how tart the time juice is.

    Shake it over ice and serve over ice.

    Add orange liqueur if you like (such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier) but remember those are French in origin and are an American invention in margaritas and are NOT traditional in Mexico (or least weren’t before the tourism industry made it such).

    Also consider how you’re going to drink it. I know you said margaritas, but let’s review all the different ways to drink it:

    Slammed shots – go for a blanco. Anything else is a waste of flavor and $$

    Sipped shots (how I recommend it) – go for anejo only and savor with no salt and a squeeze of lime. Chilled or on the rocks is good as is straight.

    Margarita – anejo is a waste, especially if the place isn’t using fresh squeezed lime juice. Go for blanco or reposado.

    The aging has a lot to do with the taste, so try a few to see which style you like best, and then remember how the aging is labeled.

    Generally speaking, the longer the aging, the more expensive and the better the flavor.

    Blanco (because it’s totally clear) – no aging. Sometimes called silver or white.
    Reposado – minimally aged at least 2 months, but can be up to 1 year. Sometimes called gold.
    Anejo – heavily aged, minimally 1 year but less than 3 years.

  2. Cabo Wabo-it’s Sammy Hagar’s tequila and it is awesome, it’s really smoothe-it’s a little high but it’s worth it

  3. arichards1341 says:

    Jose Cuervo always makes a nice margarita (the commerical does tell the truth), and Patron margaritas also have a distinctive flavor. It really depends on your price range and the flavor you’re looking for. Gold tequila has a richer tequila flavor, while flavored/white tequila can be sweeter.

    Generally, cheaper tequila makes for a less clean drink, though there are a few mid-range ones that are better than others, similar to the ranges of vodkas.

  4. Always get 100% agave tequila. The tequila that is not 100% agave is garbage. Within the 100% agava tequilas, get one toward the bottom of the price range. no need to use a $100 tequila when mixing a margarita.

  5. Jose Cuervo is AWEFUL!! It’s full of sugar and tastes like crap. Hornitos is good tequila. Any good tequila will cost more than the average bottle of Jose Cuervo rot gut. Stay away from JC tequila….

  6. SpontaniuzViXen says:

    If you like that tequilla kick..then Jose Cuervo.
    If u want s smooth tasting tequila….go for Sauza tequila.

  7. Jose Cuervo Gold or Silver. Margarita’s do not require premium tequilas because they are mixed with lime juice, sour mix and triple sec. These ingredients will stifle all of th subtleties of premium tequilas.

  8. obviously_you'renotagolfer says:

    My answer is in between all these other answers. Stay away from Cuervo, it’s rotgut. On the other hand, stay away from anything more than $25 a bottle. You will be wasting your money.

    Silver Tequila is traditional for a margarita (or any mixed tequila based drink. Reposado and anejo are meant to be enjoyed straight.)

  9. Except for Mark, nobody has any idea what the heck they are talking about. Get the cheapest tequila that is 100% agave …..period. It will cost you between 20 and 30 depending on the brands your local liquor store carries. Anything less than 20 is not 100% agave and that stuff is just plain junk.

  10. アマンダ {amanda} says:

    patron or jose cuervo are both amazing in my book…but i usually buy the cheaper stuff because of the cost difference…

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