What Jet Fruit Smoothie flavor do you like best?

What’s your favorite fruit smoothie? I’m planning on selling them in a fair and i need to know what flavor’s the most popular.
**UPDATE: i’m not just talking about any fruit smoothie, i’m asking for your favorite Jet Smoothie.

Jet Fruit Smoothie Concentrate

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  1. strawberry and banana

  2. Stefanie S says:

    I like strawberry,banana,mango,and raspberry. If you can only pick a few then I would say most people would like strawberry and mango.

  3. RaGS sez : Strawberry, mango, pineapple & chocolate-banana are my favorites

  4. gorgeousxchaos says:

    i love love love banana
    but as far as what i get from like jamba juice i love the white gummi bear.
    so i dont know if that means anything lol.

  5. Rosemary R says:

    strawberry (made with yogurt & splenda & crushed ice in my magic bullet)

  6. A @ nowhere says:


  7. Bakergirl350 says:

    strawberry, blueberry and raspberry all mixed together with grape juice.
    DON’T add bananna, it will ruin it.

  8. berry

  9. HSMFan1565 says:

    Strawberries or any type of berry is really popular and try mango too.

  10. strawberry and banana.

  11. almost all of them are good but i tend to like the exotic flavors for than the average starwberry or peach. coconut/pineapple or mango tend to be the best but it depends on what flavors the vender has or whats available.

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