What would happen if I only drink meal replacement shakes?

meal replacement shakes and salads are convenient for me, also oatmeal
doctors say the human body runs off calories.

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  1. You’ll lose weight until you get tired of it, when you will likely gain it all back with interest.

    It isn’t that it is terribly unhealthy, it is just that that will make you feel deprived and not teach you how to eat healthy, which tends to lead to a rebound effect.

  2. i went on a meal replacement diet and lost 6 kilos very fast. as soon as i went back to normal healthy eating i put it all back on not even eating junk food.

  3. PosterChild says:

    The body also needs vitamins, minerals, hydration, even some fat.

    I don’t know what kind of meal replacement shakes you are asking about. Slimfast or similar, no. Ensure or similar, probably. I wouldn’t do it without checking with your doctor first. You may have needs that you aren’t aware of.

  4. BonesofaTeacher says:

    don’t drink the shakes, they are unnecessary. instead have a few pecans and a fruit and a bit of rice. those shakes are bad news. check the calories in them too. you are better off with real, whole foods such as nuts, fruits, grains.

  5. i have been drinking meal replacements shakes 2x a day for 2 weeks and ive lost about 10 pounds i drink the sahke with a fruit both times and for dinner i just eat whatever is for dinner been working great! whenn i go back to eating normal tho im gonna try to keep a more strict diet rather than”im hungry a mcchicken wont hurt” lol

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