What’s in a Margarita in a Bucket?

margarita in a bucketHave you ever wondered what is in one of those Margarita in a Bucket things?

Is it safe? What is it made of? Does it really taste good?

This video shows what goes into a Margarita in a Bucket with a tour of the On the Border plant that makes the special elixer.



Margarita in a Bucket

At the factory, they mix plenty of fresh lime juice to sugar, water, acids, and other secret ingredients.  They blend it all up and pour it into a bag that gets sealed as quickly as it gets filled.  With the addition of a salt packet, the mix goes into a bucket and gets shipped to thirsty customers.

When the bucket gets to your home, just add the liquor to the mix and toss it into the freezer.  The alcohol keeps the mix from fully freezing, leaving it as a slushie blend of tart flavor.

Run a lime around the edge of a Margarita glass, dip it in the salt, and pour a glass full of Margarita heaven!

Margarita in a Bucket Products

Here are some of the various brands and flavors available…


Enjoy a Margarita in a Bucket today!

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  1. giadalover says:

    am getting one for my halloween party

  2. annacrack says:

    why do they salt the outside of the cup?

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