Would it be a good idea to start drinking a protein shake?

I work out 1-2 hours daily, would it be a good idea to start drinking protein shakes? how would it help me? and when should I drink it? and what is a good protein shake that I can make myself? thanks
is it ok to have it at night if I workout in the afternoon,or will it make me gain weight bc I go to sleep right after that?

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  1. chef steph says:

    You should have protein after a workout (best withing 30 min. of finishing your workout), whether it is in shake or whole food form, especially if you are lifting weights. A shake with a good mix of protein and carbs. Try a scoop of whey protein with milk or water (depending on how many calories you are trying to eat) with some sort of fruit. I like to make shakes in the blender. It always tastes so much better. I prefer to buy vanilla whey protein and have different frozen fruit to mix in. I like strawberries sometimes and I even buy bananas and take them out of the peel and put each one in a sandwich bag individually to store in the freezer. Then I usually add ice too. Chocolate whey protein with banana is goood too. Any fruit works with vanilla.

    But you can get a lot of good protein from food too – if you work out in the mornings – try egg whites, cottage cheese, and then some carbs like oatmeal. If you workout in the evening tuna and grilled chicken breast are great protein sources.

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